Software Development is a human endaevaour

Do you face challenges in designing your code architecture? Cloud architecture? Or even need a bit of strategic IT advice? Let's talk then!

What soft-skills I value?

As software engineers, we do not only right code. We deal with humans, we analyze, we think and reflect. Therefore, your soft skills are as important as (if not more) than your technical skills.


Crystal-clear communication is vital for the success of any senior software engineer. Public speaking, writing, and teaching are the skills I advocate the most.

Planning and Anlaysis

We live in a resource-limited world. Therefore, It is not only about knowing how to build software. It is also about learning to develop it effectively and efficiently.


Experiences are only helpful if reflected upon, analyzed, and well-digested. That is why I am writing here. I am not only sharing my experience, but I also reflect upon it :)

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