Microsoft Azure for Software Developers

Microsoft Azure enables you to build software solutions in a rapid, cost-effective, and innovative manner. Learn the critical aspects of Microsoft Azure to take your career to the next level.

Why Microsoft Azure?

Infinite Scalability

The traffic to your system can go up and down. Microsoft Azure helps you to adapt to that.

Rapid Development

Do you need to schedule background jobs? Send notifications? Send SMS? Monitor APIs? Microsoft Azure offers ready-made services without needing to implement them from scratch.

Innovative Services

Does your application need to read text? Extract values from forms? Or Even translate a text? In Microsoft Azure, it is a matter of calling APIs.

Learn Azure

AI Services in Azure

Azure Applications

See how Azure works in real life

Deploy Your Microsoft Azure Solution

Join this highly-hands on course, specially tailored for developers, to help you learn the foundational concepts of Microsoft Azure and deploy your first solution in less than two hours!

About the Author

Mohammed Osman is a senior software engineer who started coding at 13. He worked in various industries, including telecommunications, accounting, banking, and health. He is a technical lead, and his core skill set is a .NET ecosystem with a strong focus on C# and Azure. Mohammed runs a blog called making your code smart and your career smarter, where he shares tips and techniques to improve code and valuable career pieces of advice.
Mohammed Osman is a Pluralsight Author, Toptaler, and Microsoft Certified Trainer.

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