Time flies, it is almost one year since I wrote my first blog post during that period, I have learned a lot, shared knowledge and got very encouraging feedback that helped me to continue blogging, thanks to everyone for your kind words!

When I have chosen my blog name, I was following everyone’s advice to tie the blog name to my personal name and I decided to give some flavor by adding “cognitive” to indicate my passion for cognitive AI services.

However, soon, I realized that my interest is not just limited to AI services, but rather anything that can make your code smart (AI, design patterns, etc.) and anything that can make your career smarter (soft career tips, negotiation, speaking, writing, etc.) and hence, I have seen the need for a more generic name.

It took me a few months to decide on a name that is short, expressive and available! I have chosen a .io domain to emphasize my geekiness about IT!

Welcome to my new domain, and let me know what do you think!


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