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January 2  

My name is Mohammed Elrasheed Osman, or in short Osman. I am working as a senior IT Consultant in Stockholm, Sweden. My work involves meeting clients, preparing financial quotes/cost breakdown, software design, project management, candidates recruitment and mentorship.

In 2019, I decided to start my blog. I used to blog previously in an informal manner (Facebook posts and Blogspot). However, I opted to formalize things a bit this time.

As the blog name indicates, the focus will be โ€œcognitiveโ€ things, from both human and software perspectives.

Human: We will discuss some cognitive skills IT Consultant needs, such as learning management, career planning, strategic evaluation of opportunities.

Software: We will discuss various technologies and platforms that can make our software products smarter. A software that sees, hears and understands!

Stay tuned, and do not forget to bookmark it : )

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Mohammed Osman

  • Best of luck with your blogging endeavours. Look forward to following your growth and progression as a consultant. It’s been a pleasure working with you and I can confidently say that every colleague of yours has benefitted from your time and passion.

    Happy New Years Osman!

    • Thanks alot Brian. I will definitely share the valuable lessons I learned in byBrick from you and other colleagues. Happy new year too.

  • Very happy to see you taking this step. I hope it adds value to you personally and professionally and to people who are interested in the field. I wish you best of luck !
    Looking forward to inspiring and informative content ๐Ÿ™‚

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