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How to Sell Technology to Business

Convince or Influence business to Buy your Technology

Salam everyone!

As technical people, we tend to rush quickly to business with our latest and greatest technologies to convince them to adopt it. However, the regular answer to this approach is a straight NO from the business – regardless of how cool and modern your technology is.

In this session, which I presented at Stockholm Azure Meetup, I will teach you to influence business and get them signed off to approve your proposed solutions 🙂

Hence, let us see what you will learn in this session?

Being able to develop using Python or C# is an excellent skill. However, telling the business why they should switch from Python to C# or vice versa is a more crucial skill that most developers are not used to.

Understanding your audience is vital for any successful communication. Hence, In this section, we look from the business lens.

What do we mean by agility? Scalability? Or testability? How these concerns can be translated into business terms.

Finally, we will some real-life examples and see how you can sell technology concerns objectively.


The mindmap from the session can be accessed from here:

If you are interested in reading more on the soft skills for software developers, feel free to read critical skills for IT Consultants Part 1 and Part 2 

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