Anomaly Detection


Introduction In the previous blog post, we introduced the newly launched anomaly detector service, discussed its use cases, weaknesses and strengths. Today, we will take our discussion deeper and inspect the API request/response model, parameters meaning and how can we have some control over the API. Using the API Similar to other cognitive services, anomaly detector relies on a RESTful API to provide its service. Since using RESTful APIs is straight forward for any regular…

Introduction Firstly, I would like to apologize that last April I blogged only two blog posts since it was a pretty hectic month for my beloved country where our people have overthrown a 30 years dictator. I was spending most of my time following news and expert’s analysis. Last month, we were talking about some things that will MAKE YOUR CAREER SMARTER (Software is Eating the World Part 1 & Part 2). Today we will…

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